About Us

Our Company

Founded in 2020,One of the key differentials that JCC provides is the ability to develop operational solutions to challenges that companies are facing every day. The senior members of the team possess more than 50 years combined experience in planning, strategy, development and operations management over a vast range of industries on a global scale. The experience, competence and commitment of our team is what allows us to stand out from the competition by providing a solutions-based approach addressing all our client’s needs.


We believe in Ethics and Integrity towards each other, our clients and our employees. Enabling teamwork and a culture of respect and doing the right thing.


We are dedicated to providing your business with highly skilled professionals well-matched to your unique hiring needs, including both on-site and remote work. Our mission is to bring great people and great organisations together.

  • Recruitment and training
  • Business formation and strategies for corporate organizations
  • Management staffing
  • Strategy consulting
  • Technological consulting
  • Marketing and sales staffing